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Our experience dealing with foreign direct investment ensures that you receive the correct information on Ecuador to enable you, the investor, to make your best decision. We will introduce you to reliable professional experts for the various stages of your investment. In addition, if needed, we can place you in contact with the appropriate governmental support agencies. This intangible element of experience and honesty makes us unique.

Jorge Loor Zambrano, founder and director of will guarantee the sucess of your business along with his immediate staff, Johnny J. Loor personal assistant and plubicist, Gissella Saltos executive secretary, Liliana O. E. Zambrano in charge of logistics. Additional services of, besides promoting Ecuador, is to act as your facilitator, interpreter, and guidance consultant in assisting foreigners to create a business, invest in real estate, or to establish a second home in Ecuador.

Our past experience includes working with foreign investors from around the world. Many of these foreign investors are now living in ECUADOR. We are eager to introduce you to them, as well as share their testimonials with you, which offers you their first-hand experiences.

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