Jorge Loor Zambrano was born in Portoviejo, Ecuador in 1967.

Jorge, studied business administration and earned a degree in economics. He is fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. He lived in Seattle, WA while attending school and is well travelled, having spent time in many countries throughout the world.

Mr. Zambrano's experience in the public sector with various levels of governments has assisted him in better understanding how things work at the governmental level, serving as the president of Crucita town, Administrator and financial Director of water resources in the province of Manabí, and Auditor for the comptroller public sector.

In the private sector, Jorge Loor Zambrano was the Developer of the Villa Balsamaragua residential project, Director of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce, Director of a transparency movement called CUENTAS CLARAS, in which the radio of action was in Manabí province and import/export business.

At this present time he serves as promoter and facilitator of foreign direct Investment in the country, provide real estate coastal tour and owns a Pilates GYM, developer of a shopping mall called PLAZA VICTORIA in Portoviejo City and CEO of a Savings and Loan called MONEY STORE.