Las Gilces Grand Beach Apartment //code(for rent)#2




Place: Las Gilces Beach



Cleaning Fee: $40

Security Deposit: $150

Per Nigth Price: $75

Weekly Price: $400 /week

Monthly Price: $600 /month

Extra people: No Charge




Fourth floor apartment on beach front building. Located in the fishing villa of Las Gilces, Crucita. Comfortably sleeps 6 people with 2 bunk beds in the guest room and a Queen size bed in the Master bedroom. Full bathroom in master bedroom and full guest bathroom.

Swimming pool, private parking and private beach.

Near largest city is Portoviejo (Province of Manabi capital city) a 20 min drive on an excellent 4 lane divided and lighted highway. City of Manta with its Airport is a 30 min drive. Both cities have large American type supermarkets (Supermaxi and Mi Comisariato) and large stores and movie theaters


IMPORTANT: If you are traveling by bus, and not in a private vehicle or rental I must warn you beforehand that the condo is located in a quiet peaceful area away from noise of bars, restaurants and traffic, it is located about 4 km from Crucita and about 5 km from Downtown Crucita, and there are no restaurants or pharmacies within walking distance from the condo, there are only a couple of small stores that sell soda, beers and snacks. Crucita is where you can find a variety of restaurants, a couple of drug stores and more small grocery stores. Large american type supermarkets are located in Portoviejo 25 min by car: Super Maxi and Mi Comisariato. There are mototaxi services in Crucita that charge $1 per person to drive you around.(the concierge knows the phone number to call them)



Easy access to the town of Crucita and the city of Portoviejo by public transportation every 15 min from 7 am to 5:30 pm. Taxi charges $ 15 from Portoviejo to Crucita and 20 from Manta to Crucita.
There are mototaxi services in Crucita that charge $1 per person to drive you around.(the concierge knows the phone number to call them) Manta´s airport is serviced by several flights from Quito Daily.


Other Notes:

The apartment is modestly furnished and as much comfortable as possible, there is a stove, a fridge, running water, warm showers etc...We do not have a washer and dryer machine in the condo (the developer did not build it with the installations in place). I do not have A/C in any of the rooms but I must mention that temperatures between June and December are fresh to fairly cold from 18 C to 25 C, plus the ocean breeze is very refreshing. Temperatures in this area range from average low of 20C to an average high of 27C (68F to 80F) from June through November and 23C to 30C (73F to 86F) from December through May. I do not have cable TV and WiFi access you can probably get it via cell phone and /or with the local cell phone companies, cable companies have not reach the area yet. These are also the reasons why my condo’s rent is lower than others when you compare the price with similar condo’s in the area.

If you live in Ecuador you should bring your own sheets, pillowcases and towels, if you choose not to bring them, I can provide them for a onetime fee of $ 40 cash payable at your arrival. If you come from a foreign country I will waive the fee and provide them free of charge, there is no need to bring those from your home country.
Potable water is provided to the condo via tankers to a reservoir in the condo for $25 that would last for about 5-7 days depending on the usage, I would provide you with the first tanker....but if you need more it is on you...just give the $25 to the concierge in the condo and he will arrange for the tanker to come and deliver. 





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